Wer mit Typo3 arbeitet hat sicherlich von der Extension sourceopt gehört, die den Quelltext einer Typo3-Webseite strafft und verbessert. Wie Fruitlab mitteilt, gibt es nun eine neue Version der Extension.

Typo3 Extension sourceopt Version 0.4.1

  • Change: names of the objects with no „_“ but with humps like normally in Typo3
  • Change: default TS includes some Typo3-core options that help cleaning the code
  • Change: TYPO3 Copyright stays in the code even when all comments are removed. It still can be removed by deleting one line in the TS default configuration. * New: moveInlineCss, moveInlineCssFile = cause it does in some regard a better job than config.inlineStyle2TempFile
  • New: removeComments = 3 (only Head),
  • New: keepComment = an array to define which comments should be saved from removeComments (useful for indexed_search),
  • New: headerComment = an additional header comment
  • New: formatHtml = Formats the code beautiful and easy readable.
  • Bugfix: conflicts with some combination of options I also updated manual.sxw, locallang_db.xml, ext_typoscript_constants.txt and included helping English comments and cleaned the code in class.tx_sourceopt_pi1.php and ext_typoscript_setup.txt

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